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Blind Date With a Book KID EDITION ages 8-12

Blind Date With a Book KID EDITION ages 8-12

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So if you have seen my Blind Date with a Book, you will understand we needed kid versions. Perhaps I should call them Blind Play Date with a Book!

Essentially, ‘Blind Date With a Book’ is what the title suggests a blind date with a book. Unlike a blind date between two humans, though, appearances are not the first thing you get to judge when you meet your next read.

You know next to nothing about the book but it’s thickness, size, rating and broadly descriptive words written on the brown paper. Although the books are slightly used they are all in fantastic shape, no marks, smells or writing.

This can instill a love of reading. Your use of The blind date book can be endless, try adding it to a gift basket or give to one to a kid that loves to read.

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